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Transmission Service & Repair

Automatic gearboxes provide comfort and are more efficient, while the mechanical gearbox can only become as efficient if used at revolutions that match the optimal engine torque. This is complicated and that’s why there are ‘intelligent’ automatic transmissions that do everything for us.

The “intelligence” of the boxes is given by the electronics. Some have up to 10 speeds (gears). The electronics make the box ‘learn’ or understand the driving mode to determine when to make the changes and this saves on fuel consumption.

This can be seen with other types of automatic transmissions such as the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) systems very common in Nissan, or double clutch transmissions such as Volkswagen’s DSG system, BMW’s DKG and DCT or Ford’s PowerShift.


Among its advantages, there is the comfort and economy in fuel consumption, also cars with this type of transmission for many people are easier to drive. 

It gives greater control of the vehicle because the driver always has his hands on the wheel, which gives a faster response capacity in case of risk situations. Making better gear changes influences the good condition of the engine because they are executed with great precision.

It offers a long life, however, it is not free of failures, especially when there is bad handling and also because of the electronics.



Our service focuses on maintaining transmission performance levels. We provide personalized attention for diagnosis with the use of computer systems and tools that allow to identify and solve problems quickly, for repair and revision in general.

We repair and maintain all types of automatic transmissions for private cars, service vehicles and trucks.